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58,20 EUR*
Details The Evolution of Morality and Religion

The Evolution of Morality and Religion This 2003 book is an interdisciplinary treatment of the evolution of morality and religion, drawing from biology, philosophy and theology. Full description

21,21 EUR*
Details OMD - Architecture & Morality & More

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark OMD Live Architecture & Morality & More CovertextOMD perform the whole of their classic album "Architecture & Morality: for the first time live in concert at London's famous Hammersmith Apollo. Featuring the ...

143,47 EUR*
Details Localizing the Moral Sense: Neuroscience and the Search for the Cerebral Seat of Morality, 1800-1930: Searching the Seat of Morality in Our Brain (1800-1930)

Localizing the Moral Sense This unique book presents an overview of believers and disbelievers in a cerebral seat of human morality. With depth and clarity, the book presents their positions and arguments, and offers an explanation for these attempts ...

44,77 EUR*
Details Rydstrom: Embodying Morality: Grow: Growing Up in Rural Northern Vietnam

Embodying Morality One of the first anthropological studies based on extensive fieldwork in Vietnam in decades, Embodying Morality examines child-rearing in a rural Red River delta commune. It is a sophisticated and intriguing exploration of the ways ...

43,64 EUR*
Details Morality in a Technological World: Knowledge as Duty

Morality in a Technological World Lorenzo Magnani argues that existing moral constructs often cannot be applied to new technology. Full description

13,00 EUR*
Details Live-Architecture & Morality &

Live - Architecture & Morality & More (CD Album) by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark OMD - 17 Tracks: 1. Architecture & Moralilty 3:30, 2. Sealand 6:50, 3. The New Stone Age 3:42, 4. Georgia 3:16, 5. She's Leaving 3:25, 6. Souvenir 3:36, 7. Joan Of ...

93,08 EUR*
Details Iris Murdoch and Morality

Iris Murdoch and Morality provides innovate readings of Murdoch's novels, philosophy and theology. It situates her work within current theoretical and philosophical debates and suggests it is a crucial link between twentieth and twenty-first century ...

29,00 EUR*
Details Punishment and the Moral Emotions: Essays In Law, Morality, And Religion

[ Punishment and the Moral Emotions: Essays in Law, Morality, and Religion Murphy, Jeffrie G. ( Author ) ] { Paperback } 2014

140,65 EUR*
Details Mind, Morality, and Explanation: Selected Collaborations

Mind, Morality, and Explanation This volume collects the best of the work of Frank Jackson, Philip Pettit, and Michael Smith, showcasing their contributions to philosophical psychology, the theory of psychological and social explanation, moral theory ...